Ruslan Baginskiy Chain Strap Hat

Ruslan Baginskiy Chain Strap Hat

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Ruslan Baginskiy Chain Strap Straw Boater Hat is a discreet shape, brimmed with embellishments.

A gold-tone straw and two contrasting ribbons add a festive mood to this originally basic hat. This very moment we believe that summer will be filled with major events once again. Someday we will dance in the crowd at a music festival, carelessly move from one party to another and feel the freedom in the air. Until then, we should create festivity on our own. So put your hat on, and let the celebration begin.

EXTERIOR: 100% Straw TRIM: 100% Cotton Made in Ukraine

Please be aware that our straw hats are made from natural straw that can slightly change its color due to long term sun exposure. Please note that the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color represented on the website.