Luminare handbag Monaco

Luminare handbag Monaco

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Luminare leather handbags are made in Italy with electronics and final assembly in San Francisco. They feature a handle on the top, a cross-body shoulder strap and a half-circumference zipper. The front panel features interchangeable artwork and the back panel holds the magnetic charging port (like an iMac) and a single control button.

Inside the handbag is an interior light and a universal phone charger with a battery capable of charging your phone and power the light for 12 hours!


  • Handbag dimensions:¬†8 inches in diameter and 3 inches deep.¬†Electronics encased in bottom 1 inch of interior.¬†
  • Battery: 5 Volt, 5.2 Amp-hours (charge 2 phones¬†or run¬†light for¬†24 hours)
  • Luminosity: dimmable from 5 lux (bright moonlight)¬† to 1,400 lux (forest shade)
  • Charger: 110VAC - 240VAC worldwide usage, American format
  • Includes: handbag, adjustable shoulder strap, 1 artwork, storage box, charger, artwork cleaning cloth, artwork removal tool
  • 1-year warranty, repair or replace at manufacturer's discretion.