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Miami, FL – February 12, 2021 – 

Odds Concept had a blast bringing together a crowd of artists, stylists, influencers, and fashion enthusiasts to enjoy a night of great music and dope fashion at their creative space in Miami Design District. The dress code for the event was DRESS TO KILL YOUR EX, and we must say everyone followed instructions and wore their best outfits.

Odds Concept invited some of their designers like Buck Palmer, Lewis Beilharz, Diana Farki, Lina Condes, Mr. Moda, and Jared Ryan Shaw to talk about their collections and the inspiration behind their pieces. The party featured an art fashion show where designer, Moda, designed a collection of bags live on the spot. We also saw Miami artist, Loreana, perform a few songs, while DJs Ann Atman, Samadhi, and Vika Shevi played smooth tracks throughout the night.

Guests enjoyed drinks and food from event sponsors: Bacardi, Flor de Caña, Red Bull, Maü Miami, and Eat Greek. The party was beautifully decorated with rose arrangements, rose bears, and rose boxes from OMG Flower Boutique, and beautiful make-up artist Olga surprised women with Romanova Makeup gifts. Odds sends a special thank you to Lorenzo from the Party Robot Inc. team for being part of executing the vision for this event.

Some of people featured on the event photos are Odds Concept Founder: Liza Naumova, Artist: Tommie, Oscar Renkel, Natalia Butkevich, Models: Diana Farki, Daria Konovalova, Jules Mordovets, Juliana Kamalii, Kiana Kaye, Actress: Reyna Love, Makeup Guru: Olga Romanova, Natalia Nosoka, Stylists & Manager: Demetrius Mickens, Eh Tarrie, Odds Curator & Marketing Director: Tatiana Zabora, and Diane Perez. Odds Concept states that the event was a huge success, and that they are excited and planning for the next one.

Loreana Performing at Odds Concept in Miami Design District
Live performance by Loreana
Valentines day party at Odds Concept 2021
Flower decor by OMG Flower Boutique
Daria Konovalova & Jules Mordovets at Odds Concept in Miami Design District
Daria Konovalova & Jules Mordovets
Ann Atman Live DJ at Odds Concept
 Live Music by Ann Attman
Liza Naumova and Anna eatingonlyapples at Odds Concept
Liza Naumova & Anna Serova
Drinks by Bacardi at Odds Concept
 Drinks on Eat up Events. Thank you to our sponsors: Bacardi, Flor de Caña, & Red Bull
Tommie Lee Styled for Odds Concept Valentines Day Party
Tommie Lee Styled at Odds
Odds Concept Team; Diane Perez ( ISAO MEDIA ) , Liza Naumova, Tatiana Zabora
Odds Team: Diane Estevez, Liza Naumova, Jared Ryan Shaw, & Tatiana Zabora
Buck Palmer Pop Up at Odds Concept in Miami Design District
Buck Palmer Pop Up during the Valentines Day event.
Diana Farkhullina & Svetlana Chistyakova - Romannovamakeup at Odds Concept
Diana Farkhullina & Svetlana Chistyakova 
Eh Tarrie & Demetrius Mickens stylists at Odds Concept
Eh Tarrie & Demetrius Mickens
Party at Odds Concept Fashion Boutique
Juliana Kamāli’i & Kiana Kaye at Odds Concept

Juliana Kamāli’i & Kiana Kaye

Flor de Cana at Odds Concept

Cocktails with Flor De Cana

Redbull at Odds Concept

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